RS136: Nailing Demo Calls

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS136: Nailing Demo Calls

Today Dave and Craig are talking all about selling, and in particular selling on demo calls.

If you have a more advanced app, or one with a higher price point, chances are good that you’ll need to conduct demo calls with potential customers in order to close those sales.  These are great opportunities for you to learn about your target market and customer base if you’re new to the space, and is pretty much mandatory for selling anything that’s complex and requires integrations.

There’s a great blog post by Steli at about this that you have to check out:

Generally though you want to make sure a few things are in place before the demo:

  • Some kind of qualification to find out more about your lead, their company, and what they’re looking for
  • A scheduling tool to make it easier for your leads to book time on your calendar (something like Calendly)
  • Conference calling solution like uberconference or Zoom
  • Demo of your application to show your potential new customer what your stuff can do

When the call is coming to an end you have to CLOSE and ask that person for the sale.  However you want to do it is up to you, and it has to sound natural coming from you, but don’t just say “ok thanks for your time” and hang up.  Find a way to keep the conversation going, or close the sale right then.

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