RS135: Reflecting on Success with Rob Walling

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS135: Reflecting on Success with Rob Walling

Today Dave and Craig have on Rob Walling from Startups For The Rest Of Us podcast.  Rob is probably no stranger to many of our listeners (as it was a major inspiration for this show in the first place), but much has changed in Rob’s life personally and professionally in the past few years.

In this episode Rob comes on to talk all about his sale of Drip to Leadpages a few years ago, and all the emotional and psychological changes that have accompanied that.  Specifically, we discuss:

  • What the most challenging part of selling his business was
  • What life was like working inside a large organization for him and his team
  • What regrets he has about selling Drip
  • What life is like without a job, and a professional purpose
  • Deloreons

Resources Mentioned

Balsamiq Mantras

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