This week Dave and Craig catch up on a few new developments in their businesses, and talk about the recent announcment of the acquisition of Magento by Adobe.

Dave is just getting back into the swing of things after 3 weeks of conferences and freelancing work.  Finding it a bit tough to get into that Deep Work flow state where he can be really productive.  I think something that we all face when we work from home and have to travel some.

Craig has a few new things brewing on the Castos front, and will be sharing more about the decision making process to create these new offerings in the coming weeks.  Making the decision of where to focus development dollars and resources is always a learning lesson, but one that hasn’t been too costly in learning.

Both Dave and Craig are getting into the world of Demos in their products. Craig with SalesCamp and Dave with Recapture where they are both having more requests for demos and finding the best way to conduct these, at scale, and get conversions out of that time with potential customers.

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