RS133: Conference Recaps and SaaS Growth

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS133: Conference Recaps and SaaS Growth

Today Dave and Craig catch up after Dave has been gone for back to back weeks at conferences.  These times to get together with our peers and others in our industries are invaluable to those of us working remotely.

First Dave hit up his 8th MicroConf where he got some great insights and inspiration.

Then on to Shopify Unite in Toronto.

Craig and Dave wrap up by talking through SaaS growth rates and that while SaaS is a great growth model it is not the “get rich quick” path that many in the Entreporn worlds espouse it to be.

Favorites from Microconf:

Leanna Patch

Val Geisler

Justin Mares

Chad Deshon

Ankur Nagpal

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