May 3, 2018

RS131: Unconventional SaaS Growth Opportunities with Ed Freyfogle

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS131: Unconventional SaaS Growth Opportunities with Ed Freyfogle

Show Notes

This week Dave is off at MicroConf and I’ve brought on to the show serial SaaS founder Ed Freyfogle. Ed previously ran a multi-million dollar SaaS business out of the UK in the real estate industry and after selling it a few years ago has moved into OpenCage Geocoding, which is run with a smaller team, but is still a very successful and profitable business.

In this episode Ed and I talk through many aspects of running a SaaS business, and some growth opportunities that you might not have thought of previously:

  • How to internationalize your pricing page
  • When and how to approach customers when you’re raising prices
  • The lifetime value of a customer vs. their monthly revenue
  • How to achieve good remote company culture and grow a team

You can check out more about Ed on Twitter (@Freyfogle), read his blog at and if his current business at OpenCage Data

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