It’s time for celebration.  Dave has recently received approval from Shopify for their Recapture plugin app.  This brings exposure to the biggest, fastest growing eCommerce platform online.  If you have a minute please go check out the Recapture App on Shopify and leave a 5-start review.

Dave and Craig answer a listener question from Paul Bleisch regarding the similarities and differences between the 3 ecosystems that they’re involved with: Magento, WordPress, and now Shopify.  Some interesting similarities but also some really interesting differences between the 3 platforms.

For Craig there is a big release coming out for Castos Analytics coming in the next few days, which will make the platform pretty much feature complete.  From there he is looking at what the sales process will look like in SalesCamp as it is turning into a much more high touch app and business than Castos.  Finding the synergies between the two will be important as things go forward.

Resources Mentioned:

Staging Pilot

Recapture Shopify App

Shopify Unite