This week Dave and Craig catch up about everyone’s new favorite subject: GDPR.

In our respective businesses Dave is awaiting approval of his Shopify app for Recapture. After a few submissions he’s hoping this will be the one where the app is approved and available in the store…which will create a huge new growth lever for the business.

Craig has come off the heels of a really good March for Castos and is now working on scaling up and streamlining the support process they use for both their free WordPress plugin users and the paid hosting customers.  He’s also launched a Stripe integration for SalesCamp, which allows users to connect their Stripe account to SalesCamp and run their referral programs with a goal of new customers (and new revenue events) for those campaigns.  He thinks this will really solidify the ROI aspect of customers’ referral campaigns as the reward payouts will be directly attributable to new paying customers in their businesses.

Dave and Craig talk about what they like, what they don’t like, where the challenges are, and where the opportunities lie in the upcoming GDPR regulation.  No matter your business or location of your customers this is something you should be paying attention to and taking advantage of getting in front of with your customers.