March 22, 2018

RS126: Growth On Autopilot with Marcus Taylor of Venture Harbour

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS126: Growth On Autopilot with Marcus Taylor of Venture Harbour

Show Notes

On this installment of Rogue Startups, Craig gets the chance to speak with Marcus Taylor, founder of Venture Harbour. Venture Harbour is a unique business in that it does not provide a service or product, but rather exists to build ventures.

Marcus started Venture Harbour, because he didn’t like having a boss and wanted to have a space where he could build interesting companies. At present, he has a small core team and about thirty remote contractors from around the world.

Join us as we talk about building and maintaining a startup; how Venture Harbour functions and thrives; and what tools have helped us on our journey.


  • How he focuses on high value aspects of Venture Harbour
  • The shifting model of marketing content
  • Working in six week phases
  • What reaching stability means for Venture Harbour
  • Responsibilities of being a company’s founder
  • Hiring the right people and delegating responsibilities
  • How Marcus and his employees plan for the future
  • Helpful business tools and apps


Venture Harbour

Marcus on Twitter

Marcus on LinkedIn

Marketing Automation Insider


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