March 15, 2018

RS125: Knowing Your Pricing Value Metrics with Patrick Campbell

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS125: Knowing Your Pricing Value Metrics with Patrick Campbell

Show Notes

In this episode we talk with Patrick Campbell (@patticus), founder of Price Intelligently and ProfitWell.  Patrick is widely regarded as THE Go-To authority when it comes to helping businesses with their pricing.

The old “Just Charge More” is fun in jest, but you really need to think about aligning the three axes of product value, business model, and acceptance of pricing in the market.  Once you really understand how these three variables fit together you can start really giving your customers what they want, charging them a fair amount based on the value that you’re delivering, and creating a business that’s poised to really grow because of the revenue model you’ve created.

Patrick talks through some of the pricing suggestions he would make on the pricing page which is a great case study in some of the things that we should all be thinking about when it comes to value metrics in pricing.

You can reach out to Patrick directly at and find out more about ProfitWell and the suite of products/services included there at

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