RS124: The Dangers of Imitating Your Competitors

Rogue Startups
RS124: The Dangers of Imitating Your Competitors

In this episode Dave and Craig continue their updates from the previous episode and specifically talk about how comparing yourself to, and creating by imitating your competitors can be a danger.

We’re all taught to niche down into a super tight focus within our target market, but there are some dangers there.  When you niche down too far you may end up alienating part of your larger target market.  So how to do this effectively so SOME of your audience feel that you’re talking directly to them, but NOT so that you’re leaving anyone feeling left out.

Also, when it comes to looking to your competitors for inspiration and ‘direction’ you have to be careful that you’re not building something that’s not aligned with your corporate vision, ideal customer, business size, and your capacity to deliver on what you are promising.