RS123: Updates, Conferences, and New Businesses

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RS123: Updates, Conferences, and New Businesses

In this episode Dave and Craig catch up about their businesses after a few weeks of some awesome interviews.

Dave is just getting back from Big Snow Tiny Conf West after a great few days of skiing, mastermind talks, and hanging out with a dozen other awesome entrepreneurs.  They had great snow (a few inches of fresh powder the night before the first day!) and some really great talks.

Craig is traveling with the family this week for winter break in Sicily.  He’s recently completed the acquisition of a small SaaS app called SalesCamp – SalesCamp is a referral marketing app that lets any business owner create different types of referral programs.  As the app is quite young there aren’t any paying customers yet, but a solid list of close to 1,000 trial users and early access signups, and now Craig is focusing on a little bit of product work and a lot of learning about potential good fit customers for SalesCamp.

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