Today Craig is joined by fellow bootstrapped founder Andrew Culver.  Andrew was previously the founder of ChurnBuster, and has since gone on to have several really interesting opportunities in the tech and startup world, and most recently has founded a SaaS development tool called BulletTrain.

As anyone who’s built a SaaS app knows there are the same handful of items that every app needs, and what Andrew quickly saw when consulting is that doing these all in a Best of Breed way would be hugely valuable for those who are creating SaaS apps.  This both saves time and money, and ensures that some of the core functionality of your app are done the proper way.  BulletTrain is just entering public launch, so check it out today.

We also talk a lot about testing SaaS apps.  As opposed to the unit test, and TDD, driven way of building out tests Andrew is more and more an advocate of Integration or Feature tests.  These mimic more closely what the user experience would be, and test an entire feature of your app, all the way up and down the stack, to ensure that the changes that you’re making are not adversely affecting the code your app’s functionality.



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