RS121: Dealing with Uncertainty with Dr. Sherry Walling

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS121: Dealing with Uncertainty with Dr. Sherry Walling

In this episode Dave and Craig are talking with clinical psychologist Dr. Sherry Walling.  Sherry has been prominent in the bootstrapped startup world particularly in the past few years as her (allegedly) better half, Rob, has a popular podcast in the space and is the cofounder of Microconf.

Today Dave, Craig, and Sherry talk all about the psychological and emotional aspects of running your own business, living in high stress situations, and dealing with the chronic pressure that comes with this type of work environment.

Particularly interesting is an article in The Atlantic that discusses many of the side effects of stress, chronic stress in particular, that are brought about by Just Not Knowing what the future will hold for us all.

In business it’s no different.  How will this marketing experiment work out?  How will the pricing change make an impact on the business?  How can we have confidence to make any of the millions of decisions we have to make every day in our businesses?

Sherry talks Craig and Dave through how she guides her own clients through the tough waters of startup world, and how we can all deal better with stress, live a little more sanely, and survive while starting up.

Sherry has a new book on this topic coming out soon as well.  We’d definitely recommend getting a copy of

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your S**t Together

if you’re interested in, well Keeping your Shit Together as you build your business.

Thanks so much to Sherry for coming on the show today.  Know we all got a lot out of it and I’m sure you will too.

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