RS118: The 4 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

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RS118: The 4 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

In this first episode of 2018 Dave and Craig are doing some introspection looking back a bit at last year, what worked and what didn’t, and how to optimize both work AND business here in 2018.

There was a great tweet by Adrian Rosebrock of PyImageSearch last week that posed 4 questions:

1. What went well this year & gave me life

2. What went poorly & took life from me

3. How can I double down on good things

4. How can I get bad things off my plate

Looking at each of these things regularly, and rather critically should give you a nice chance to review both your personal and professional lives.  This kind of introspection and reflection is vital to the longevity of us all as entrepreneurs.

As we look inward a bit it also is worth pointing out that there is a natural and constant swinging of the pendulum in our businesses.  Focus shifts from development to marketing, business development to sales, etc. and if we embrace that it just makes the swings and ups and downs in our business that much easier to accept and maybe even fun!

Resources Mentioned

Signal v Noise blog post about pay rates

Adrian Rosebrock on Twitter