This week Dave and Craig are talking through the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday blitz of emails, and the resulting noise that it’s created for us both as consumers and as business owners participating in this space.

For Dave it was a win for Recapture as the app handled the workload of the holiday season very well, essentially without a glitch.  Now looking ahead to completing their Shopify integration Dave is heads down through the end of the year on targeting some marketing channels.

Craig and the development team for Castos are putting the finishing touches on the new podcasting platform, and it is going live Wednesday, December 6th.  Anyone who would like to check it out can sign up for a Free 14 day  trial and give it a spin.

We end the episode talking about how we both manage the amount of information that comes through our inboxes and various social media streams, and how we filter and monitor our information levels in our lives in general.  More than ever before it’s easy to get bogged down in the noise, which is something that is scary and potentially quite dangerous for us all.

So, how do you manage the information coming at you on a daily basis?  How do you take a step back and try and rise above the noise?  Drop us a line at and tell us all about it

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