November 29, 2017

RS113: Venture Funding – When and How to take on Investment with David Rosenthal

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS113: Venture Funding - When and How to take on Investment with David Rosenthal

Show Notes

Today’s guest is David Rosenthal, one of the hosts of the “Acquired” podcast and an early stage Venture Capitalist. We discuss startups who use outside funding and how this positively or negatively affects a business.

David started as an Associate at Madrona Venture Group in 2010 and rose through the ranks of the company. While there, he not only met his future “Acquired” co-host, but he also helped to start, a dog walking/sitting app. Join us as we talk about Venture Capitalists and startups.


  • Contention between funded and bootstrapped companies
  • Considering partnering with VC’s
  • Outside funding is about what the external party brings to the table
  • Agreeing on milestones up front
  • Continuing to look for growth opportunities
  • Funded founders should follow the lead of bootstrap founders
  • Having a viable business plan for each day
  • The return profile of buyouts and private equity
  • Creative marketplaces
  • Creating goals, milestones, and a timeline when approaching funding
  • Figuring out how you acquire customers and how much it costs to maintain them
  • Approaching startups like you approach dating
  • ICO’s and crypto-currency

Resources and Links:

David’s LinkedIn

David’s Twitter

Acquired Podcast


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