RS107: Dragon Glass – a SaaStock 2017 Recap

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RS107: Dragon Glass - a SaaStock 2017 Recap

In this episode Dave and Craig talk about some of the highlights and takeaways from SaaStock 2017 last week in Dublin.

Similar to SaaSter in San Francisco, SaaStock is a mainly European conference focused on (you guessed it) SaaS businesses, and venture capital firms.  As a contrast to a conference like MicronConf in which most businesses are bootstrapped SaaStock had a nice mix of funded companies as well as bootstrapped.

A few things that Craig took away from the conference that are discussed in today’s episode:

  • How expansion MRR helps offset churn in SaaS businesses
  • There’s no “one way” to acquire new customers: much of it relies on where your customers hang out online, and what stage in the buying journey they’re in
  • Competitive Marketing is real, and you should be engaged in it in one way or the other
  • When is the right time, and in what situation, should you think about taking outside investment in your business

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