This week Dave and Craig are talking about the convergence of two articles that were recently floating around the interwebs.  Both have to do with living the life of an entrepreneur and dealing with the constant ups and downs of this life we live.

This first article is about this Seesaw effect that we see in our businesses where the balance between growing our business infrastructure, technology, and processes, and the other side is growing your userbase and marketing.  Focusing on one of these will cause the other to suffer.  And while that’s difficult to deal with emotionally and mentally it’s actually how business should be run.

The other article is from Josh Pigford of Baremetrics talking about how We’re All Winging It.  Josh is obviously a very successful entrepreneur and has grown his business to a really high level, but admits that even at his level he has paranoia, imposter syndrome, and real concerns about the stability of his businesses.

These two factors and the dynamic between them is often times tough to deal with, especially in the long term.  The better we’re all able to manage this the healthier we and our businesses will be.

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