RS102: Playing In Someone Else’s Sandbox

Rogue Startups
RS102: Playing In Someone Else's Sandbox

This week Dave and Craig reflect on some of the great startup advice we all received as part of our 100th episode(s), and give some updates on our businesses.

One thing is evident the longer we’re all in business is that there are inherent risks in all of our businesses, but one of the most unmitigated risks is that of reliance on another platform.  Whether it’s WordPress, Stripe, Magenta, or iOS the upside of these ecosystems is that your traffic patterns are well understood and marketing typically is easier than out there in the wide open, but the downside is that changes from these ecosystems can put a real damper on your business. If you’re not prepared.

Recent announcements from Automattic and have made this even more clear, and give us reason to think about what we’re doing to future proof our businesses against all sorts of outside pressures.