RS096: Better Email Strategies with Mike Taber

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS096: Better Email Strategies with Mike Taber

Today Dave and Craig welcome back to the show Mike Taber from the popular bootstrapped founder podcast Startups For the Rest of Us.

Mike is hot on the trail of the public launch of his cold email outreach tool, Bluetick and in this episode talks about a lot of the strategies and frameworks that he’s seeing working today in the world of cold email, warming up colder leads, and how to best convert them into paying customers.

Mike, Dave, and Craig also talk about validating new startup ideas early, and with paying customers, and about how we all manage the balance of feature requests within our apps with the need to balance simplicity and core functionality in software.

As Mike goes into the public launch of Bluetick he’s also going to be doing a 21 Days of a SaaS launch, in which he’ll be video blogging every day, right alongside a new brand of whiskey to accompany each episode.  To follow along with it head on over to


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