RS095: Systematic Growth Strategies

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RS095: Systematic Growth Strategies

Today Dave and Craig are catching up on growth strategies that are working for them right now, and how they’re managing the rest of the business to allow things to grow without sacrificing quality or product.

Dave has concluded a cold email campaign to potential customers of Recapture, and is now looking at the next steps for growth.  He’s looking at the SEO space and how to strategically start placing highly targeted content keywords.  Over the next weeks Dave will start creating pillar content articles and begin promoting them to his audiences to drive new subscribers to his email list.

At the same time Dave is starting a weekly newsletter in the ecommerce space.  Using Revue to easily create the weekly newsletter digests Dave is easily able to create valuable content to his audience without creating that content himself.  Sharing others authority is a great way to show potential customers your value.

Craig is just about a month into the first billing cycle of Seriously Simple Hosting, and things are going well.  Trial to Conversion ratio is staying strong, and now that all of the major bugs from the product launch are pretty much wrapped up we’ll be able to focus more on streamlining support so he can focus on growth.

With the first 6 weeks of launch he’s been focused on getting the product right and ensuring that early customers are happy, and now is the time to systematize the process of customer support, that feedback into product improvement/development, and focus on growing our user base.

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