RS092: Building Traffic and an Audience with Kurt Elster

Rogue Startups
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RS092: Building Traffic and an Audience with Kurt Elster

Dave is flying solo today, as he talks with ecommerce and Shopify expert Kurt Elster from Ethercycle. Even if you are not in ecommerce, you will benefit from Kurt’s knowledge bombs about conversion rate and site optimization.

Building traffic and having an audience are the key to ecommerce success. The number one factor in conversion rates is the quality of the traffic and where it comes from. Sometimes we become blind to friction points on our websites, having a fresh pair of eyes look over the site can overcome this.

Kurt explains why looking at your customer as “crazy, lazy, and drunk” is a good way to make sure your site is customer friendly and easy to navigate.

  • Crazy – Make the focus of the site on the customer and the benefit for them.
  • Lazy – Make it as easy as possible to find the product they want.
  • Drunk – Make the entire process as easy as possible.

Another important factor is load time. Optimize your images for mobile or slow connections. It should be obvious what the site is about. Put a logo in the top left corner with a tagline that explains what you do or sell. Having a toll free number says that you are a legitimate company.

Getting people into the product as fast as possible is a great way to increase conversions. Find a pain point that you want to solve to start a successful ecommerce business. It’s okay to try different things even if you fail.

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