Today I’m excited to chat with Mark Samms, cofounder of blogger outreach tool Ninja Outreach.  This story is particularly interesting because unlike some SaaS companies that enjoy seemingly overnight success Mark and his cofounder Dave Schneider (first podcast guest on this show way back in Episode 1) have seen that long and winding path to success.

Mark and I chat through some of the struggles that he and Dave have had along the way with Ninja Outreach, how they’ve hired well and grown their team to now being 19 members strong, and how an AppSumo deal really put them on the map for good. As they say there’s no substitute for hard work, and this team surely has seen that.

With over 100 podcast episodes, 150 guest posts, hundreds of product reviews, and thousands of outreach emails Mark and Dave have done the hard work to get Ninja Outreach on the sure path to a Million Dollar run rate later this year. Whether you’re just starting out in SaaS or are on that same road it’s great to hear from Mark about the things they’ve done right, and the bumps along the way, to get them to where they are today.

You can connect with Mark on Twitter and Instagram, and I encourage you all to go check out Ninja Outreach for a great platform that will allow you to connect with influencers in your niche quickly and effectively. Loving the show? Tell everyone about it. Leave us a Rating and Review in iTunes (5-stars are encouraged, but we want to hear all feedback). If you have a question for us or a suggestion for the show drop us a line at