RS048: Giant Warning Signs Early – WordPress Plugin Development Project #3

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS048: Giant Warning Signs Early - WordPress Plugin Development Project #3

An early warning sign from our previous plugin topic leaves us back at the drawing board.  With a few lessons learned now it’s time to have a better way of identifying problems, and solving problems.

Our previous topic of an on-page user analytics tool similar to a CrazyEgg, KissMetrics type analogy, specifically for WordPress came up against a pretty major barrier:  an established competitor with no obvious weaknesses.  In fact this plugin merits a mention:  WP-Slimstat is a great looking plugin and one that Dave and I very well may check out in the near future on our sites.

Going forward we each came to this episode with 5 new problems to solve, and ideas to validate:

Craig’s List Include:

  • Crowdfunding campaign for WordPress
  • Premium Podcast Player
  • NinjaForms Drip integration add-on
  • Self-Hosted Speakpipe analogy – voicemail for podcasts and bloggers
  • Stripe analytics dashboard within WordPress
  • Headline A/B split testing or Giveaways plugin ala Kingsumo

Dave’s List Include:

  • Analytics connector for Drip, EDD
  • Polldaddy revamp with better integrations
  • Genesis slider plugin fork 
  • Aweber Web Form Plugin
  • Advertising manager plugin

As before we’re going to go back to the market and see about existing competitors in these spaces and really dive deep into 2 of each of our favorites. We’ll report back in soon with an update on that research and some decisions on what direction we’re going to take.

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