Welcome to Episode 23 of the Rogue Startups Podcast.  Today Dave and I welcome Anders Pedersen of TimeBlock.  Going along with the theme of the uber popular Zen Founder podcast and talking about origin themes of founders, we wanted to share a really special one with you today.

Anders has a marked past of managing stress, physical ailments associated with overworking, and all of the self doubt that we all experience.  Through this he has adopted many life lessons that he is carrying over into his startup, TimeBlock.  Tai Chi is now playing a large part in his personal life, and is something he is sharing with his team members too.

The genesis of Time Block came out of Anders’ own experience managing teams and seeing the frustrating shortcoming of other team management tools.  Scope creep, missed deadlines, and unhappy team members are something that all startups are faced with.  TimeBlock aims empower team members and through honesty and transparency give ownership back to the team.  This allows groups to continually evaluate and help self manage themselves to allow for a happier, more productive workplace.

Through Anders’ experiences with managing stress, finding balance through his Tai Chi practice, and now starting up his own company he is a model for us all of what is really important in this journey.  You can find out more about these thoughts in the TimeBlock manifesto.

You can reach out to Anders on Twitter @AndersThue or shoot him an email at anders@timeblock.com.  To learn more about how Time Block can help you and your team run more efficiently, had over to TimeBlock.com.