RS006: Scaling Productized Services with Brian Casel

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RS006: Scaling Productized Services with Brian Casel

Today Dave and Craig are very excited to welcome Brian Casel to the show.  Brian is THE Authority on building and scaling Productized Services businesses.  Brian has been building and refining RestaurantEngine for the past few years and at this point it is fully self-sufficient.  In the show we dig into how he got started with building the business, and the importance of putting systems and processes in place in order to scale.

We dig into how to structure a productized business, how to prevent scope creep when customers want to customize the product or service that you’re offering, and what marketing approaches Brian has found most effective in spreading the word about his productized business to his niche.

Below are some of the topics mentioned in the show:

BootstrappedWeb Podcast with Jordan Gal

Restaurant Engine – SAAS based Productized Business that creates and manages websites for restaurants -Brian’s personal blog where he writes all about lessons he’s learned in becoming a premier web entrepreneur

Productize is a course that teaches people how to stop freelancing and build a productized service around their skill

Big Snow Tiny Conf – Ski Getaway and Bootstrapping Entrepreneurship conference for web developers – Every January in Sugarbush Mountain, VT.

Brad Touesnard – Co-Host of Big Snow, Tiny Conf

And resources to help you grow your business:

WPEngine – The preferred hosting provider for WordPress sites for both Dave and Brian

One Month Rails – Learn Ruby on Rails in tiny, bite-sized lessons designed to get you functional in this rapid prototyping language in just a month.

You can reach Brian directly on Twitter @CasJam. Brian has also graciously agreed to hang out in the show notes for this episode at Swing by there and ask him a question. I know he’ll be happy to help out.


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