RS005: Reboot – A New Beginning

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS005: Reboot - A New Beginning

This week we’re very excited to announce that the Rogue Startups is now TWICE as good.  We now are doubling up on the podcast with a co-host.  Dave Rodenbaugh was a guest on Epiosde 3 of the show and now is going to be a full time host on the show.  If you haven’t listened to Dave’s interview, head over to Episode 3 and take a listen.

This week Dave and I talk all about designing your bootstrapped business with a vision for the future.  As they say “begin with the end in mind”, and this applies to not just lifestyle design, but startup design too.

The only podcasting microphone you’ll ever need:  Audio-Technica ATR2100 on Amazon (not affiliate link)

Andrew Warner – Interviewing Your Heros course

Adam Clark – Irresistible Podcasting course

Pippin Williamson – Pippins Plugins
You can find out more about Dave on Twitter @daverodenbaugh or shoot him an email in the contact form over here.