RS003: Dave Rodenbaugh on SupportVine, Buying Websites, and Outsourcing Development

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS003: Dave Rodenbaugh on SupportVine, Buying Websites, and Outsourcing Development

Sit down and prepare yourself for a massive knowledge bomb!  This week I sit down for a really fantastic conversation with startup founder Dave Rodenbaugh.  With extensive experience in Java development for companies as large as NBC, Dave has been strategically moving his focus towards building his portfolio of web properties.  In the conversation today Dave and I dig into some of the really core principles of any tech entrepreneur.  From outsourcing, to buying web properties, to his experience managing a remote team, Dave shares tons of useful knowledge on almost every aspect of building and growing a portfolio of software businesses.

You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveRodenbaugh

Links to topics discussed in this show:

  • SupportVine:  SupportVine is a software support platform for Small and Medium sized businesses.  Avoid the hell of email support and the bloated apps designed for enterprise companies.  Follow SupportVine on Twitter to keep up to date with development and when see when it comes into Beta launch.
  • Dave currently manages two WordPress plugins that he has grown multiple times over since purchasing them a few years ago.
  • Dave has extensive experience buying and selling websites, primarily on Flippa.  Check out his book that details how to do this the right way and avoid the mass of horrible deals on Flippa.  Dave’s book is for sale at
  • Zapier:  Integrate Anything.  This service integrates hundreds of third party apps together.
  • Trello:  Stay organized and keep your team focused.
  • Flippa:  The Internet’s largest marketplace to buy and sell websites


  • Micropreneur Academy:  A community of entrepreneurs focused on building and launching software products.  Built by Mike Taber and Rob Walling, this is a fantastic community for anyone looking to shorten their learning curve on the road towards being a startup founder.
  • One Month Rails:  I am on the course to learn development using the very popular Ruby on Rails framework.  You can follow that journey along on my blog.