Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups

In the 8.5 years of Rogue Startups and the 280+ episodes, Dave Rodenbaugh has joined me (Craig) in chronicling our journey as founders and building our businesses.

In that time, Dave has grown 2 WordPress plugins, sold those businesses, acquired a SaaS business called Recapture, grown it to go full time and quit his consulting gig, and has evolved so much as a founder.

And at this point Dave would like to take a step back from the podcast. After 8.5 years and 280+ episodes, we’ve covered a lot of his journey, but it’s certainly not done yet.

Dave will no doubt be back on the podcast going forward, but in between those times, I’ll be the solo host of the show.

Going forward, about half of future episodes will be me sharing what I’m learning as a founder running and growing Castos. In addition, I’ll be having conversations with people who are doing interesting things in business who we can all learn from.

A huge personal thanks from me to Dave for joining me on this incredible journey thus far. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this podcast with him to this point, and am really excited about the future of the podcast.

And I’d love to hear your feedback. Best places to reach out are on the Rogue Startups Youtube channel or hit me up on Twitter, where I’m @thecraighewitt