RS221: Optimizing the Customer Feedback Loop with Ward Sandler from Memberspace

In this episode Craig is joined by Ward Sandler, cofounder of MemberSpace. Here Craig and Ward talk through how the Memberspace team is organized, how the run the business, and what successes they’ve seen in growth in the past few years, especially during the Covid crisis. Ward is a firm believer that EVERY business should […]

RS220: A few rants, and some business

After a few weeks away to process what is going on in our lives between the Covid-19 pandemic, a crumbling economy, and police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement we’re back to talk through how all of this has affected us. Also in the startup news cycle this week was Basecamp’s “Hey” email client, […]

RS219: Product Led Growth with Moritz Dausinger

The term Product Led Growth is quickly becoming commonplace in the SaaS marketing and product world, but what does it mean when it comes to implementing this into your business practice? In this episode I sit down with Moritz Dausinger, founder of, to talk through how he is building a suite of tools to […]

RS218: Running a Hybrid SaaS and Agency Model with Geordie Wardman

In this episode, Craig chats with Geordie Wardman about his experience working with both SaaS and agency models. They go over the pros and cons of an agency model, Geordie’s tips on how to build a great offshore team, the art of dabbling, and what he looks for when he buys businesses. He also covers […]

RS217: How World Views Are Shaped

In this episode Craig and Dave talk through a few updates from our businesses. With the Covid-19 crisis beginning to settle down in some areas we’re all experiencing more freedoms and becoming better adjusted to the proverbial “new norm”. Resources Mentioned Twitter thread from David Perrell

RS216: Channeling Uncertainty

In this episode Dave and Craig catch up on what’s been going on in their businesses in the past few weeks. We feature the first of our companies from the Help Founders program, Nodewood. Nodewood is a “SaaS application in a box” for developers who want a head start on their next Node.js project.

RS215: Managing Platform Risk with Robin Warren

In this episode Craig sits down with Robin Warren of Corrello. They talk through managing the risk of building an extension to an existing platform, doing user testing to release better products the first time, and how Covid-19 is affecting our businesses (and personal lives). Robin’s team has just finished a long (multi-year) development project […]

RS214: Implementing EOS with Kevin McArdle

Having a plan, even if it’s an imperfect one, is a great starting point for many business owners. Especially when it comes to the meta question of “how to run your business”. In this episode I chat with Kevin McArdle from Sureswift Capital to talk through how he has implemented the EOS, Enrepreneurs Operating System, […]

RS213: Positioning Your Business For Survival

The Covid-19 crisis may just be getting started. And with it the impact that the economic slowdown, changes in customers’ buying patterns, and our own general social activities are all changing. So how can we adjust or position our business to survive (and maybe even thrive) in these times? In this episode Dave and Craig […]