RS255: Sales and Busted Funnels

Dave and Craig are behind the mic again. After a brief discussion about vaccines, regulations, and balancing personal and professional issues, they dive deep into sales. Craig talks about new hires and about being at an exciting but nerve-wracking place in his business. Dave shares his marketing woes and a little insight on what it … Read more

RS254: Summer vacation and sales updates

What is the ultimate test of your business’ infrastructure? Have you been doing anything to relax and unwind this summer? What is a healthy balance of “weird” and “sustainable” in terms of work schedules? Today is all about summer vacations, schedules, and sales. Dave and Craig talk about soccer camps, recharging their batteries, camping, and … Read more

RS252: Sales and Product Influences

Dave and Craig are back with some interesting updates on their business and in their respective industries. Dave has had a bit of excitement since a competitor shut down. Craig talks about new integrations, new customizations, and making rich features for customers. They also discuss the ideas of cold outreach, sales, the high stickiness of … Read more

RS251: After the dust settles

Dave and Craig are back again with updates on working full-time and new developments in Castos. Since his decision to go full-time with Recapture, Dave has seen a number of wonderful changes in his life. He goes over that, as well as the feedback he has received since announcing his big decision, and the power … Read more

RS250: A Big Announcement

Dave and Craig are doing fan-freakin-tastic in today’s episode of the Rogue Startups podcast. Craig talks about the newest member of the Castos team. Dave has narrowed down his writer search. He shares his big announcement, which is both big news & good news, and will lead to great things for Dave and Recapture. It … Read more

RS249: Acquisitions

In today’s episode, Dave and Craig talk about everything from the awkward teenage years of podcasting to Castos’ latest acquisitions (3 Clicks and Podient). They also go over shiny object syndrome and updates on Recapture’s content writer applicants.  What are the most important aspects of acquisitions and partnerships? How do you stay focused in the … Read more