RS229: A Developer Hiring Process

In this episode, Craig and Dave are back talking about their current state of affairs. They’re going over everything from kids going back to school, to “Members Only” jackets, to updates with their businesses. Today’s topics include integration, the hiring process, the role of communication in remote roles, developer stories, and affiliate programs. We’d love […]

RS228: Emotions: Post-Sale & A New Niche In The Market

In this episode, Craig and Dave are back behind the mic talking about work hours, quality time with automations, Dave’s emotions after selling, and the benefits of working with a full plate. They also explore private podcasting with Castos, the limits of not having $10 million in the bank, infrastructure changes with Recapture, as well […]

RS227: Dave Cashes In

In this episode Dave has some big news to announce. He has sold his two WordPress plugins: Business Directory and AWPCP In this episode Dave and Craig talk through: The process of getting the plugins ready for sale Where and how to list them Working with the right broker for the business you’re selling The […]

RS226: The Coronavirus Pivot with Alex Theuma

In this episode, Craig sits down with Alex Theuma (Founder and CEO of SaaStock). They go over conferences, the SaaS industry, and how the coronavirus is affecting everything.  Alex talks about the perks and pitfalls of online conferences. He summarizes some of the lessons when transitioning from in-person conferences to online conferences. They also chat […]

RS225: A Castos Acquisition and Big Plugin News

In this episode Dave and Craig talk through a few updates in their businesses. For Craig the big news is that the PodcastMotor brand has officially been merged into the Castos business. Over time both brands will continue to become one but that migration takes some time to complete. Castos also hired Matt Medieros of […]

RS224: Marketing Attribution and Why Not To Have A Blog with Ruben Gamez

In this episode I sit down with Ruben Gamez, founder of both Bidsketch and Docsketch. Ruben has been running Bidsketch for some time now, and along the way he’s developed quite a savvy approach to marketing and content marketing in some unconventional ways. Now with getting Docsketch off the ground in a competitive market Ruben […]

RS223: TinySeed Updates and Alternatives To Exiting with Rob Walling

In this episode Craig sits down for a chat with Rob Walling, founder of TinySeed and previously founder at Drip. In this conversation Craig and Rob talk through how things at TinySeed are going here in the second cohort, what things he’s learned along the way in running the accelerator, and what they’re doing differently […]

RS221: Optimizing the Customer Feedback Loop with Ward Sandler from Memberspace

In this episode Craig is joined by Ward Sandler, cofounder of MemberSpace. Here Craig and Ward talk through how the Memberspace team is organized, how the run the business, and what successes they’ve seen in growth in the past few years, especially during the Covid crisis. Ward is a firm believer that EVERY business should […]

RS220: A few rants, and some business

After a few weeks away to process what is going on in our lives between the Covid-19 pandemic, a crumbling economy, and police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement we’re back to talk through how all of this has affected us. Also in the startup news cycle this week was Basecamp’s “Hey” email client, […]