RS316: Getting 100k LinkedIn Followers

Optimize your company’s retention, and supercharge growth with Churnkey. In today’s episode, Craig welcomes Sam Browne. They take a deep dive into the ever-evolving landscape of LinkedIn, the premier platform for professionals seeking to expand their network and amplify their influence. With Sam’s expert advice and practical tips, they guide listeners through proven strategies for … Read more

RS315: $8 LinkedIn Ad Leads

Optimize your company’s retention, and supercharge growth with Churnkey. In this episode Craig sits down with Matt Hayman from Linklo to talk through how we as SaaS founders can set up cost effective LinkedIn ads. Matt has strong experience in building B2B lead flows for a variety of companies, and out of that experience saw … Read more

RS314: The 8 Attributes Of A Perfect SaaS Business

Optimize your company’s retention, and supercharge growth with Churnkey. Are you looking to build the perfect SaaS business? Discover the key elements for crafting a thriving SaaS venture in the latest Rogue Startups episode. Craig delves into the success story of Castos, dissecting eight crucial attributes essential for any SaaS business to flourish. Some of … Read more

RS313: Unfair Advantages with Jason Cohen

This episode is sponsored by ChurnKey: Optimize your company’s retention and supercharge growth with Churnkey. Are you looking to fuel your startup’s revenue growth? Jason Cohen, founder of WP Engine, joins Craig behind the mic on this episode of Rogue Startups. Join Jason and Craig as they delve into strategies for sustained revenue growth, even … Read more

RS312: Hacking LinkedIn

In today’s episode, Craig is joined by Adam Shaw from Marketing for Founders to talk about precise and overarching marketing strategies. Adam’s expertise lies in navigating Reddit and LinkedIn, two social media platforms that B2B SaaS entrepreneurs often neglect. Together, they explore Adam’s techniques for Reddit, LinkedIn, and broader marketing principles. Should you focus on … Read more

RS311: Does Your Business Pass The Test?

Join Craig as he chats with Dan Andrews, renowned cohost of the Tropical MBA, a weekly podcast dedicated to bootstrapping businesses and entrepreneurship. Dan is also the founder and brains behind Dynamite Circle and Remote First Recruiting. Today, they’re dishing out some expert advice about podcasting, content creation, and strategies for acquiring customers. Tune in … Read more

RS310: Stealing Customers

In this solo episode Craig talks through a few updates from Castos, how he’s thinking about growth, and where he’s focusing his attention and energy in the business. Craig also gives an update on his personal content: this podcast, his Founder Insights newsletter (check it out at ) and his new 1-on-1 coaching business. … Read more

RS309: Growth Fundamentals Most Founders Get Wrong

Alison French joins Craig behind the mic today to talk about ICP and go-to-market strategy, as well as the challenges that bootstrap founders have. We can all overcome these struggles with the right tools, systems, outlook, and determination. She commiserates with Craig about what bootstrappers have to go through and also gives some great advice … Read more

RS308: Programmatic SEO with Stuart Brameld

Creating content that will engage readers and appease the algorithm gods is a difficult task. That’s where Stuart Brameld comes in. He is here today to share his insights on growth, marketing, programmatic SEO, and content creation with Craig and the Rogue Startup listeners. He also talks about how Growth Method can help your company … Read more

RS307: Doing Less and Doing It Better

Learning valuable lessons on your journey to success can take a while. Today, Craig shares his insights on this topic as it correlates to Castos and to his goal of creating 200 episodes in 2024. (Spoiler alert: things are going well for him.) Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to say no to something. … Read more