RS282: AI, Transitioning From Founder-Led Sales, and Productized Services with Joel Klettke

In this episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast, Craig talks with Joel Klettke, the founder of Case Study Buddy. They cover everything from AI to full-time employees versus part-time contractors, to productized services.  How do you get in the right brain space in order to delegate, trust, and effectively hire people to work alongside you … Read more

RS281: The State Of SaaS Marketing

SaaS marketing is a difficult world to navigate. How do you evaluate growth in your business? We all know that niching down is important, but how do you know where to focus your efforts? Time spent on trial and error is only effective if you can make an educated decision based on data, but how … Read more

RS280: Productivity Mindset Best Practices

Is there such a thing as focusing too much on churn?  How is your company utilizing AI? What are your favorite productivity hacks? Dave summarizes his takeaways from his tenth MicroConf. Craig recommends “The 5AM Club” by Robin Sharma to the masses. They also discuss conferences and team retreats they will be attending and holding … Read more

RS279: Processing Brutal Feedback, and Hiring An AE

How do you define helpful feedback? What sort of customer opinions should you brush off? Dave shares his experiences with some brutal feedback and how he is using it to better customer experience with Recapture.  What makes a good virtual assistant versus a great virtual assistant? Craig talks about the executive assistant he hired (through … Read more

RS278: Switching Cost

Dave talks about the complications that arise behind writing long-form web content. He also gives us updates on Recapture and talks about Patrick Campbell’s latest tweet thread on running a business during a recession. Craig poses a question about the increasing cost of Hubspot and the possibility of switching costs. Is Hubspot worth it? They … Read more

RS277: Getting Value From Conferences

Dave and Craig dive into the concept of hiring above and below, creating focus days, and evaluating the value of industry conferences. What kinds of benefits do you get from attending industry conferences? How do you buy back your time? Any tips on how Craig should find his first DnD group? We’d love to hear … Read more

RS275: When And How We Delegate

In this episode of Rogue Startups, the focus is on BigSnow takeaways and reflections including prioritizing, delegating, and focusing on important tasks. How do these things differ for small businesses versus big businesses? What is the difference between the EOS role chart versus Dan Sullivan/Dan Martell’s A-B-C task prioritization? Which roles should be outsourced and … Read more

RS274: Chat GPT, The Economy, and New Realities

ChatGPT seems to be on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days, so today we’re talking about what it means for social media, web content, and the podcasting industry. Not to mention, Dave just can’t quit Twitter and Craig tries to develop his personal brand. They chat about the current state of the economy, title … Read more

RS273: Relentless Focus

It’s a new year which means that businesses all over are going through the OKR process and the annual planning phase for EOS. In this episode, Dave and Craig talk about how the processes are different for them this year. How do you say no to everything except what you need to do? How do … Read more