RS086: Microconf Preview and Technology with our Kids

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS086: Microconf Preview and Technology with our Kids

This week Dave and Craig are catching up ahead of Microconf 2017.  Dave is making the trip to Vegas for the Growth edition and digging into the e-commerce and Magento world. Dave has done a lot of thought and planning around getting the most out of this year’s conference, especially in light of wanting to connect with new people around Recapture.

Dave is looking at a major release of his plugins along with a price increase, which he’s framing around the ongoing and increasing cost of support of WordPress related products.  We touch on Pippin Williamson’s recent price increase, how he justified it, and what the business impact of it was to their bottom line.

Craig is launching Seriously Simple Hosting in about 2 weeks.  If you’re running your podcast from WordPress and don’t want to have to manage an external hosting platform like Libsyn or Simplecast check it out.

Lastly we talk through the up and downside of technology with our children.  What some of the benefits and challenges are for us as parents.  As people closer to the leading edge of technology we’re probably more likely to be tending towards more technology adoption for our kids, but want to keep the balance there too.

Resources Mentioned

Justin Jackson’s Microconf 2017 Tips

Pippin Williamson’s article about Price Increase on his WordPress products


WordCamp Europe


The Foos by CodeSpark Academy

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