RS084: Profit First Mindset and Cold Outreach Strategies

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS084: Profit First Mindset and Cold Outreach Strategies

Today Dave and Craig are talking about things that really move your business forward.  Both sides of the proverbial coin, maximizing business efficiencies, and ways to increase revenue.

Dave has recently brought on a new support team member for his WordPress plugins, which has been a real value add to his team and their ability to create the features that users are looking for.  This brings up the question of how we both evaluate our businesses for efficiencies, opportunities to maximize output while minimizing expenses.

Craig recently read the Profit First book, which talks a lot about how to look at your business with a critical eye and find ways to increase productivity in the business while only spending resources (time or financial) on things that really matter to the core business.  We’re all often guilty of ‘thinking’ that some things really make a difference to acquiring new customers (or keeping existing ones)…but we don’t really know until we challenge those assumptions.

Dave and Craig have also both been busy with some cold outbound emails to prospective customers.  Tools like Mike Taber’s Bluetick have been instrumental in doing this effectively.

Resources Mentioned

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Josh Pigford’s Medium article on Corporate Profitability

Bluetick blog on cold outreach email

Hiten Shah’s blog

SaaS article matrix on ProductHunt

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