RS083: Building Funnels that Convert

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS083: Building Funnels that Convert

Today Dave and Craig bring back AudienceOps founder Brian Casel to the show.  And today we’re talking all about building, evaluating, and optimizing sales funnels in our businesses.

The seemingly magical goal of putting $1 into one side of your sales funnel to acquire a customer and getting $2 (or $20) out the other end is the goal of all business owners, and is something all 3 of us are currently in the midst of building.

In this episode Dave, Craig, and Brian talk about:

  • Conceptualizing the customer journey through their sales funnel
  • Paid acquisition opportunities, and what channels may work best for their businesses
  • Goals of acquiring new customers via Facebook
  • Using website customization to match visitor interests (i.e. Segmentation)
  • How to validate new ideas with paid traffic campaigns

Building out a solid sales funnel requires a lot of testing, iterating, and measuring of each of the steps along in the process.  Would love to hear from you about how you’re building, measuring, and improving upon your sales funnels.  Drop a comment in below and let us know.

To connect with Brian directly you can hit him up on his site, or on Twitter @CasJam

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