RS081: Small Conferences and Development Updates

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS081: Small Conferences and Development Updates

Today Dave and Craig are catching up after both of them have been at smaller conferences in the past week or so. Dave just wrapped up the second annual Big Snow Tiny Conf West in Beaver Creek, CO and it was a smashing success.  Putting together a conference that goes off without a hitch is no small task indeed.  Sounds like the discussions, openness, and connections that everyone made at the event were really meaningful and lasting.

Craig is just returning from speaking and attending Femtoconf in Darmstadt, Germany.  It was a great experience all around, and he really enjoyed not just speaking at the event for the first time, but moreso getting to meet everyone there and share ideas, questions, and suggestions.

These smaller conferences are such a nice addition to something like Microconf where the audience is much larger and the dynamic of the conference is just wholly different.  Doing both in a year is a great way to round out your conference schedules.

Dave and Craig are both busy with developing their new products, and both will have new things to report here in the coming weeks.  Some exciting times ahead for sure.

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