This week Dave and Craig dive into how we’re both approaching the development process of our projects, and how to look at your sales funnel as a whole to evaluate where it’s strong, and where you make improvements.

Dave is recruiting the help of a local Denver Node.js programmer to help him with the Recapture codebase so he can start making some improvements there.  This paired programming setup could turn into a longer term engagement potentially as well.

Craig’s been busy optimizing Facebook ads and understanding better how the dynamic of Top of Funnel vs. Bottom of Funnel lead engagement works.  At scale this is a very different type of selling than the typical one-on-one dynamic that he’s accustomed to with our Concierge customers at PodcastMotor.

Dave’s off to Big Snow Tiny Conf this coming week and Craig is heading to Darmstadt, Germany to speak at Femtoconf.