RS077: MicroSaaS with Tyler Tringas

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Rogue Startups
RS077: MicroSaaS with Tyler Tringas

Today I’m excited to welcome on Tyler Tringas to the show.  Tyler is a bootstrapped SaaS founder who has been very gracious with sharing a lot of his lessons, tips, and tricks in growing StoreMapper in the past few years.

Tyler’s story is a great one, and one I hope most of us can relay to.  He is a self taught developer, wrote the MVP of StoreMapper over the course of a single 30 hour flight from LAX to Argentina, and has grown it and his team organically over the past few years.

These self funded SaaS stories are great because it is very near and dear to many of our hearts.  Hearing the stories about lessons learned the hard way, and things that now seem far too obvious.

In this episode Tyler shares with us:

  • Why he believes all SaaS founders should build their first MVP
  • Why trial-to-paid conversion rates are the most important part of bootstrapping a SaaS
  • How to identify gaps in your market, and how to quickly discard the false opportunities

Tyler has written extensively about bootstrapping and SaaS both on and in the form of an ebook he’s publishing at  I highly encourage you to check out both.

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