RS076: 2016 Scorecard, and Visions of Grandeur in 2017

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS076: 2016 Scorecard, and Visions of Grandeur in 2017

Today Dave and Craig are not just reviewing our goals from 2016, but grading our performance.  There’s no sense in setting goals and reviewing them if you’re not brutally honest with yourself about your performance.

Overall Dave and I both did OK in 2016, with some softer goals dominating the highlights.

For Dave the recent purchase of is a huge win as it gets him squarely into the SaaS space and in a terrific growth opportunity.  The plugin business was overall about even for the year, which isn’t great news, but isn’t terrible either.

Looking forward to 2017, Dave’s main business goal is around growing Recapture.  He would like to DOUBLE (talk about a big, hairy, audacious goal) revenue in 2017, which would get him very close to being able to quit consulting and go full time on the business.

On a personal note Dave has some goals around parenting and continuing to find new, better ways to be a dad for his three children and husband for his wife.

Craig starts off his 2016 review with a big win, quitting the day job and becoming a full time entrepreneur.  It’s been a wild ride already, but the travel through the summer and now settling in France has been the highlight of the year for sure.

The progress on the two content sites that he purchased at the end of 2014 isn’t quite as positive as the performance of PodcastMotor, so putting good time and energy into growing them (now that they’re firmly in the WordPress framework) is a big priority.

On the personal side of things learning French is the #1 goal for Craig as they’re hoping to be able to stay in France for some time now.  Being able to integrate into the community, help his kids with their homework, will both require almost fluency in French.

We’d like to hear your review of 2016, and what you’re looking ahead to here in 2017.  Drop a comment in below on this episode, or hit us up on Twitter @RogueStartups.