RS074: I’ll Show You Mine…

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS074: I'll Show You Mine...

This week is The Big Reveal episode.  Dave has been hunting for a SaaS property to acquire for over a year now, and the right opportunity has finally come up.  This episode we dig into the how, why, and now ‘what to do’ of acquiring an established SaaS product. is the SaaS that Dave acquired, and it is an abandoned cart email automation tool for Magento stores.  For those of you not familiar with Magento it is the premier open source platform for Ecommerce and has hundreds of thousands of active installs.

Recapture really appealed to Dave because of the size of the business (big enough to be well established and have product/market fit, but not so large that growing it would be difficult), high customer Life Time Value, low Customer Acquisition Cost, and very low Churn.  All of those make up a great recipe for a SaaS business poised to succeed.

As chance would have it, Craig also had an opportunity to acquire a very established and respected WordPress plugin in the podcasting space. Seriously Simple Podcasting is the #1 ranked Podcasting plugin in, and comes with almost 20,000 active in stalls.  So while he wasn’t necessarily looking for a technology add-on to the existing service business just now, this represents a substantial opportunity for the business to broaden it’s exposure in podcasting and in the WordPress community.

Craig is also going to be speaking at Femtoconf put on by Christoph Englehardt and Benedikt Deicke in Darmstadt, Germany this coming February.  If you’re going to be in Europe in February and are interested in attending sign up for the email list at