Selling.  Some people love it, and some hate it.  What is it about the art of persuasion that has so many people polarized?

This week Dave and Craig sit down to talk about Selling, mostly based on the fantastic book by Dan Pink, “To Sell is Human”.

In the book Dan talks about the new world of sales in the 21st century and the modern, connected world that we all live in.  Dan also brings about a new sales term, ABC, but in this case it is Attunement, Bouyancy, and Clarity.

Throughout the book Dan brings to light the fact that everyone can, and should admit to themselves that in some capacity they practice the art of influence and persuasion on a daily basis.  The sooner you can come to grips with that yourself and become comfortable with your position in that role the easier this task will be.

So what’s your experience with selling?  Have you overcome major obstacles along the way to becoming a more natural salesperson?  Drop us a line at  We’d love to hear from you.