Dave is off this week, but I’m excited to bring on Chad DeShon to the show.  Chad is a previous SaaS founder who’s now involved in the Ecommerce space, selling Board Game Tables.  With a combination of pre-sold, customized solutions, and now sourcing items directly from China after a massively successful Kickstarter campaign (just $2.6 Million large) Chad has taken a lot of what he learned through SaaS and is applying it in a new way to the high end ecommerce world.

Through the process of building a large, highly targeted email list, doing some in depth customer development using Typeform and Drip to customize message sequences, and preselling both these tables and his Kickstarter Chad has largely been able to future-proof his business.  Getting a large buy-in from your customers is always a nice way to reduce the risk in a new venture, and this is exactly what he’s been able to achieve.

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