October 14, 2016

RS067: Founders Should Never Write SOPs

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS067: Founders Should Never Write SOPs

Show Notes

This week Dave and I are stirring the chili a bit, so to speak, and bringing up a controversial perspective on Standard Operating procedures and how it pertains to your hiring practices.

An article from Tim Conley on The Forge Facebook group brought this up, and we’ve both seen the value of being able to hire someone who doesn’t necessarily rely on SOPs.  Maybe the truth lies in the timing of it.  If the founder or owner of the process has been able to perfect the best way to do something it’s a much better time to hand that off.

If you’re interested in getting together with fellow entrepreneurs, doing some excellent skiing, and talking shop then check out BigSnowTinyConf.com.  Tickets for each of the 3 locations are available, but they’ll go quickly.

Also, Craig’s been busy launching the PodcastMotor player, which has been a great experience.  As always the details are the toughest to figure out exactly, but the product and launch itself have been really well received by customers.


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