This week Dave and I dig into (as much as we’re able) a potential acquisition opportunity he’s looking at.  This is exciting both on the personal and professional front.  For a while there’s been a bit of lack of purpose and direction with the business, which is enough to demotivate anyone.  As Daniel Pink mentions in the Drive book there are 3 things which make an employee happy:

  1. Autonomy
  2. Mastery
  3. Purpose

Without all 3 of those it’s tough to get really fired up to face each day as an entrepreneur.  Do you have all 3 of those in your current business?  If not can you pinpoint an exact reason why not and what you can do about it?

For Craig it’s been great getting settled into French life.  The day-to-day stuff is pretty well straightened out at this point and it’s all a matter of learning to speak French, enjoy the wine and cheese (in that order probably), and really getting to know the local culture.  It’s been great so far, but lots more exciting times to come no doubt.

Stay tuned as we hope next week to have more updates from Dave about his acquisition process, and where things with the business may go from there.