We’re back with Episode 63!  Many apologies for the delay in releasing a show, but Dave and I have been pretty busy with both business and living life lately.  All good things though, and we get a chance to catch up on what’s been going on with our businesses and with our personal lives in this episode.

We also tackle a huge issue that most everyone faces at one time or another in their lives:  Becoming an Expert Beginner

The dreaded plateau of learning is ever present, whether in your entrepreneurial life, as a developer, or in marketing and sales.  This phenomenon was detailed very well by Erik Dietrich in an article recently.  The essence of this is that if we (in any capacity) allow ourselves the ‘easy road’ to some level of competence then we are significantly limiting the upside potential of that endeavor.

In the article Erik likens this to becoming a fairly good bowler, only to realize that to overcome a specific barrier he must completely retool his game, for a time become a much worse bowler, and only then could be come near a 300 game.

The same is true as a programmer, entrepreneur, or in any aspect of our lives.  If you’ve taken the easy, direct route somewhere it may be worth examining whether you’re in jeopardy of becoming an Expert Beginner, and what you need to do to overcome that.

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