RS061: A Blueprint for Content Marketing Success

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RS061: A Blueprint for Content Marketing Success

Content Marketing. Ah, the long game of blogging and getting your word out to your audience.  While this can seem like a magical unicorn and something that can’t easily be achieved, it in fact is within any of our reach.  Dave and I have both had immense success with our content marketing due in large part to the good folks at AudienceOps who make doing content marketing the right way a piece of cake.

And for those of us who are selling digital goods Dave has found a bunch of good data from the Sales Metrics for Easy Digital Downloads plugin.  More metrics around how your content marketing is translating to actual sales performance is always helpful in determining the ROI of those efforts.

A recent article from Matthew Barby, head of Growth at Hubspot, has gotten our wheels turning not just about how to create great content, but also about how to measure the effect of that content on your business.

When it comes to marketing there is one consistent theme:  measure, measure, measure.  How else can you ensure that your marketing efforts are truly paying off?

A recent post from the Rhodium Community that Dave and I are both a part of spurred the latter part of this discussion.  How can you simply and effectively measure the impact of your content on the overall business?

Turns out there are a handful of key metrics in Google Analytics that will give you a good barometer of effectiveness of your content and overall site performance.

● Landing pages 
● Exit pages
● Navigation summary
● Internal search terms
● Visits and revenue by channel
● New vs. Returning Visitors & Days/Visits to Transaction
● Browsers 

So, how do you have your content marketing organized, and how are you measuring its effectiveness on your business?  Drop us a comment below or shoot us a message at or hit us up on Twitter @RogueStartups.