RS057: UI Audits for Your Web Apps with Jane Portman

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RS057: UI Audits for Your Web Apps with Jane Portman

Have you ever been interested in a product or company but been scared off by their impractical website? Simple mistakes in user interface can cost a startup thousands in lost business from disgruntled customers. This week we chat with Jane Portman, UI/UX expert and creator of UI Breakfast, about what common UX mistakes to avoid and how SaaS founders can make the most of their web apps.

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Jane Portman began her career as a designer and creative director before becoming a UI/UX consultant. When she’s not recording podcasts or writing blogs for UI Breakfast, Jane is busy being a mom to her two sons.

Episode Highlights:

  • The difference between UI and UX
  • Hiring tips: Looking for a UI expert
  • Jane Portman’s journey to startup success
  • Finding flaws in the user experience: common UI mistakes
  • “The Hamburger Menu” & following the Principle of Least Astonishment
  • Designer pet peeves
  • Sales copy and design


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