This week we catch up after Dave has spent the week in Portugal and Craig is getting into his second week of his European trip.  Keeping up to date with things on the road can be tough, so both Craig and Dave share some notes on how they’re keeping the business going while being away from home.

One thing that we realize when we travel is how we really ‘can’ and probably should do more with less, and enjoy what is going on in our lives without always having our proverbial ‘foot on the pedal’ and looking for more.  True contentment comes from within and no amount of money, achievement, or possessions can really achieve that for you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you do to stay up with your business while traveling and what sorts of things you do to check yourself and stay content with what you have.  Feel free to drop us an email at or hit us up on Twitter @RogueStartups