RS053: Rose Colored Glasses after MicroConf (and how we’re implementing what we learned!)

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS053: Rose Colored Glasses after MicroConf (and how we're implementing what we learned!)

After MicroConf we’re getting back into our businesses, and into our WordPress projects, and really digging in to how we can implement the things we learned.

Going to a conference like MicroConf is such a great experience.  On one hand you have all of the friendships and connections that you’ve made during that week, and on the other it’s all the lessons, tips, tricks, and advice you got on your business that you have to take home and unpack.

Whether it’s taking lessons, visiting or just doing some reflection about the things that we both learned, it’s important to somehow take a step back and focus now on how you’re going to put that time to good use in your business.

And for both Dave and Craig it’s been implementing time lately!  Dave is beginning a series of surveys of his existing customers to better understand the market need for his plugin updates project.  Some initial good feedback here is shaping the future iterations of the survey and his general development effort going forward.

Craig has been working on development of the PodcastMotor Player and it’s going pretty well.  For a first software development project there are lots of lessons learned along the way, but all of the bruises have been pretty small lately.

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