The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster is a wild one and is filled with drastic ups and downs.  Around each corner are surprises and challenges that test our will to live this unconventional life.  But that’s why it’s so great.  Every challenge is an opportunity to come out the other side stronger, smarter, and better prepared for the next round.

This is something that happened to Dave and I as we prepared to start getting down to brass tacks with our Plugin Project. Several obstacles lay in our way, and after we looked hard at each of them, and were honest with ourselves, some of our trajectory has changed.

Going forward with the plugin project we’re going to be pursuing different opportunities.  Dave sees (and I agree!) a huge opportunity in the WordPress space for better management and notification of plugin updates.  This is seen as a bit of the Holy Grail for WordPress security and performance, and cracking it would be a huge win.

I see a huge opportunity in the Podcasting Analytics space, and am going to begin in a stepwise approach looking at how to solve that in a new way.  Conventional podcasting analytics are all done through the servers that house podcast files.  But why not grab the data directly from the players themselves?  Aggregating this data would give huge insights into what people are actually doing with the podcast episodes, not just how many times a server is pinged.

As we move forward with these projects we’d love to hear from you about your projects and where you are on your Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster.  Drop us a line at